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TOUCHY™ : Touch-sensitive Honeycomb Lights

TOUCHY™ : Touch-sensitive Honeycomb Lights

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Transform ANYWHERE into an artists playground!

Add a futuristic and funky look to your office or living space with these LED hexagon modular touch control wall lighting solution. This design allows you to effectively slide each module where you want or need light, turning the wall into a canvas and using your hands as a brush.

The product consists of a number of plastic hexagons that can be joined together by magnets and interlocking patterns to form a touch screen wall light. The magnets that make up the physical connection between the components also allow current to flow from one to the other.

Personalize your space with ultra-modern and sophisticated designs that are sure to impress as well as inspire!

  • Adjustable brightness. Need a little more or less light? You got it. Easily turn the tiles on and off individually so you get the brightness level you’re looking for.
  • Touch sensing control - The wall light is turned on and off by the user's physical touch. A capacitive sensor is used as a switch that turns each component on or off when the user's body touches the surface.
(No need to press so hard. The hexagons detect the distance of your body.)
  • All of the LED tiles are held together by magnets. Which mean you can pull them apart and rearrange them any way you want. You can have your lights on the wall and functional within seconds.
  • Eco-friendly. They don’t suck up a lot of power, so they won’t hurt the environment. Use them without feeling guilty.
  • Sticky pads or nails. Take your pick how you want to hang them, we give you both options. Holes are ready to go in the back of the lights, and sticky pads are included.
  • Using high-quality ABS and PC lampshade material makes uniform light, translucent strong.

    Wall installation :

    Only the central units need to be rigidly connected, allowing the user to move around the other units to make different shapes. We tested various methods and the best solution was a choice of either nail or just sticky pads running around the back. If nails cannot be used on surfaces such as glass or ceramic tiles, the sticky pads can be used instead of or in addition to the nail connection.

    LED Hexagonal Touch Sensitive Magnetic Modular Lighting System - Helios Touch Wall Light

    Some 5 tiles designs


    How do the modules attach to the wall?

    The hexagon modules can be attached to the wall by either using the sticky pads provided in the pack or using the holes on the back of each module to hook onto nails (check instructions for more information).

    What is the power consumption per module?

    The power consumption per module is 0.7W.

    How many lumens per module?

    Each module produces 80 lumens.

    How do they turn on/off?

    Each module has a capacitive touch sensor that detects the distance of your body, as you come into contact with the module it will toggle on/off. You can use any body part or other conductive materials also!

    How many modules can be attached to one power supply?

    We suggest a maximum of 65 modules run off of one power supply.

    What are the dimensions of each module?

    The widest part of each module (corner to corner) measures 4.5 inches (110mm).

    LED Hexagonal Touch Sensitive Magnetic Modular Lighting System - Helios Touch Wall Light

    How are the modules powered?

    Each module connects via magnetic edges, the power transfers through each module through metal pins protruding from each edge (they are not battery powered).

    What is the length of the cable?

    The power cable supplied in the pack is 1.2 meters in length.


    -Power supply
    -5/10 tile modules.
    -5/10 wall mounting sticker pads (removable)
    *Each power supply can operate 65 light tiles.