CARCUP™ : The Multi-Function Car Cup Holder – Affinity Cart
CARCUP™ : The Multi-Function Car Cup Holder

CARCUP™ : The Multi-Function Car Cup Holder

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You're traveling in the car with friends and family and everyone needs to use the cup-holders for their drinks. However, there simply aren't enough holders for everyone, so someone gets stuck holding their drink (which makes spills more likely).

Now you can avoid that problem with this Multi-Function Car Cup Holder! It can hold up to four drinks at once, easily! It can also store smaller items such as car keys, pens, cards, money, and cellphones! And it conveniently twists back into a snug, single cup holder if necessary. Now everyone can be happy, especially you (because you won't have to hear complaining, or clean up any mess)!

The Multi-Function Car Cup Holder is perfect for adding more helping hands in your car, gives you a nifty spot for your sunglasses, phone, and other belongings you may lose with other storages. It’s just a perfect addition to your car. 

Perfect for:

  • Parents with kids
  • Traveling adults
  • Car-pooling


  • Multifunctional: Effectively store all kinds of personal belongings, such as cell phone, pens, business card, glasses: top layer is for phone, sunglasses, pen, 2 layers holder for beverages, bottom layers for small stuff such as keys, coins, etc.
  • 360°Rotation Layer: 360° rotation for top 3 layers increase more space to hold drinks and easy to save.
  • Rubber cup body cover, designed to keep your drinks stable during driving on rough road.
  • It is universal to most cars, save spaces and keep your car organized always.
  • High-Quality: Made with fine craftsmanship. It's designed to be strong and durable to endure the heavy beverages. 
  • Easy Installation: Easy to assemble and easy to clean.
  • Safe to Use: The cup stacker sits firmly into the cup holder, securing all the drinks while driving