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BRONI™ : Non Stick Brownie Pan

BRONI™ : Non Stick Brownie Pan

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Whether you are a beginner baker or seasoned pastry chef, there's no better way to bake brownies than with BRONI™!

The best reason to make the switch from your traditional baking pan is Non-stick Ceramic Coating Brownie Pan. This ensures you never have brownies stuck to the bottom of pan, making it impossible to get a nice, perfect square brownie.

In fact, they'll be pre-sliced with the brownie grid insert! And, because they baked as individual brownies, everyone gets those oh-so precious, chewy edges.

BRONI™ makes great treats for all occasions. The non-slick coating makes perfect squares every time. You can even slice cakes into squares with the removable grid.

Non Stick Brownie Pan

BRONI™ allows you to mixbake and serve brownies all in the same pan. 

Now here's the really cool part: the bottom of the pan lifts right out. Just place the pan on the riser when it comes out of the oven and the tray rises up out of the pan, ready to serve.

Not Just Brownies...

Decorative Mini Cakes

Make your favorite cake batter & pour right into BRONI™, then put in the divider tray & bake! Let cool & top with your favorite frosting & decorations. 

Pizza Squares

Make lunch more fun by making pre-sliced pizza squares! Place pizza dough, sauce & toppings inside BRONI™, add the divider tray. Bake & when done, remove the tray to reveal perfectly cut pizza squares! Each square comes out crispy on the outside & soft on the inside!

Rice Krispy Treats that Don't Stick

Make perfectly squared, gooey rice Krispy treats without having to worry about them sticking to the pan! No oil or butter needed when using BRONI™ tray, no nothing sticks!

Features and Benefits:

  • Combines nonstick, super-strong surface with the convenience of a self-slicing pan
  • Mix your batter right inside the pan
  • Makes 18 perfectly sliced brownies
  • Each brownie easily pops out of the pan one by one
  • Tray Insert and Riser Lifts the Brownies Out of the Pan Ready to Serve
  • No coating with butter or oil, everything slides right off
  • Brownies Bake Individually for Delicious, Chewy Edges
  • PFOA free, dishwasher safe
  • 13" X 9" Baking Pan


  • Material: Carbon steel 
  • Weight:2.1lb

Packaging information:

1 x Divider insert
1 x Baking pan
1 x Exquisite Packaging Box