NOSPIL™ : 4 in 1 Portable Leak-Proof Travel Dispenser – Affinity Cart
NOSPIL™ : 4 in 1 Portable Leak-Proof Travel Dispenser

NOSPIL™ : 4 in 1 Portable Leak-Proof Travel Dispenser

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No more bottle spills while traveling!

Organize your bottles and keep your luggage neat with this Portable Leakproof Travel Dispenser! This dispenser merges 4 travel bottles in one!

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When it comes to travelling, one of the struggle in packing is the toiletries. There are lots of travel organizers in the market but most of them still consumes space in our luggages. So, for your next trip, you don’t have to worry anymore as we introduce you the Portable Leakproof Travel Dispenser.

Portable Leakproof Travel Dispenser is a 4-in-1 travel dispenser that can store and access your liquid toiletries in one useful and convenient dispenser. It has 4 of 40ml travel bottles inside that you can easily put your shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sanitizer, serum, moisturizer, facial wash, body wash, gel... It guarantees to save space on your luggage and give you the most convenience to carry and use all your toiletries anywhere you go.

Portable Leakproof Travel Dispenser makes your toiletries secure and safe inside your luggage. It is built to be compact and durable with a top-quality and long-lasting plastic material. It is easy to use just fill up the 40ml mini travel bottles with your choice of liquid and label each and put them on the dispenser and just rotate the top cover and press to dispense.

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The portable design is not only perfect for traveling, but also for CampingOfficeGym, and Day Trips.


  • Instantly access travel bottles
  • Smart on space: No more rummaging through a million bottles that take up precious luggage space. NOSPIL™ is able to house up to 4 (40ml) travel bottles and keep them in one place, preventing them from rolling around.
  • Prevent leaks and spillage disasters. 
  • Wide opening design makes refilling and cleaning a LOT easier and faster. Clean cartridges by soaking them in warm soapy water to rinse chemicals and bacteria away. It also saves you money as it's a better alternative for disposable containers.
  • A great traveling companion
  • Durable with top-quality, long-lasting plastic, this is a practical and convenient travel companion. Great for students, travelers, athletes, professionals, and more.
  • Designed for everyday-carry to accompany you in gym sessions, travels, or casual hangouts. It doesn’t take much space and easily fits in bags.


To use the product, simply do the following steps:

  1. Fill all containers first with the desired liquid toiletry.
  2. Label each with a DIY sticker to avoid confusion.
  3. Put containers into the bottle in whatever order you want.
  4. Cover them with the opener and...there you have it --- a handheld multipurpose vessel with an external pump structure ready for use.


  • Type: Refillable Bottle
  • Shell Material: ABS + PC
  • Material of inner bottle: Food-grade PET
  • Material of Accessories: Eco-friendly PP
  • Available Colors: Gray / Pink
  • Size: approx.168x67x67mm/6.62x2.64x2.64"


  • 1 x Outer Case Bottle
  • 4 x Inner Refillable Bottle (40ml)