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HOSCOP™: Innovative Expandable Hose

HOSCOP™: Innovative Expandable Hose

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Expands when you fill it with water, contracts when you turn the water off

This hose makes watering projects easier than ever. When contracted, it fits into the palm of your hand so you can carry it with you to any other part of the yard. Then just attach the brass fittings to the connectors and water faucet to start it up again.


  • This hose is collapsible, making it perfect for tasks like washing your car, rinsing off your dog, cleaning your rain gutters, or watering your lawn.
  • It has a durable outer liningwhich prevents it from being ripped, something that makes it easier to prevent any leaks.
  • Improved with an outer solar stripe shield, such a shield protects it from damage caused by UV rays.


  • Expands 3 times its length when water pressure is on
  • Contracts to its original length when pressure is off
  • Weights 5 times less than a traditional garden hose
  • Self drains itself when not in use
  • Never tangles, twists or kinks
  • Easy to store in very small places
  • Expanding hoses are designed in such a way that it has two layers to it. One an inner tube through which water flows and an outer fabric which is made of nylon. The inner tube is made of special elastic rubber called TPC.


There are 8 different watering functions available depending on the needs.

To wash the car, for example, you activate the Shower mode. To refresh your delicate flowers, Mist or Flat is the best choice. It projects water in a straight line, but can also send it lower, at a specific angle. Cone allows to reach a larger surface area than the Jet or Full, which easily removes the dirt stuck to the ground...


  • Colors: Black - Red - Blue - Green
  • Connector: Universal
  • 2 different lengths:

2.5m [Contracted] - 7.5m [Expanded]

5m [Contracted] - 15m [Expanded]