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VOSTIK™: Self sterilizing sanitary stick

VOSTIK™: Self sterilizing sanitary stick

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☢️The new 🦠 can be stored on surfaces for hours and hours.You should be aware of the danger touching a public surfaces. Because this may lead to very bad situations for you & your surroundings☢️

When we touch some public surfaces (door knobs, handrails, lift button, train, bus, supermarkets objects...), we should avoid using our own hands. They can be a breeding ground for bacteria & deadly 🦠.

VOSTICK™ made to protect you and your loved ones from any deadly infection. It prevents our hands from directly touching a danger zone & at the same time, it quickly disinfects itself & the surface you touch.

This stick for opening doors, pressing elevators buttons, handrails in trains & buses.. You will need it as long as your are outdoor.Open the Front Cover & press the lift button or open the Side Cover & use it to Clip the Door Handle. Never touch the danger with your own hands again.

PS: Pour a disinfectant inside it, so it will kill the 🦠 every time you use on a public surface.


  • Effectively avoid contact 🦠 transmission
  • This tool can disinfect itself
  • You add a disinfectant in it, It add a layer of protection for you.
  • Suitable for use in a variety of environments
  • Small size and easy to carry


  • Size: 11.5 X 2.5 X 3cm
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Blue & Pink


  • 1 X Self sterilizing sanitary stick


⚠️ In special circumstances, we need to be well aware of our own protection, and we also need to increase our awareness of self-protection when going out ⚠️