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INVEELS™ : Concealed Footbed Enhancers (1 Pair)

INVEELS™ : Concealed Footbed Enhancers (1 Pair)

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Concealed footbed enhancer will increase your height to 4cm with the perfect snug fit! Simply wear it inside your socks, then wear your shoes to feel proud all day and every day.

Made with medical-grade silicone for a perfect combination of comfort and support, it will stay put on your footbed like a second skin with no gapping and slipping. Plus, they provide excellent cushioning effect that enhance stability and minimize daily fatigue and discomfort.

These clever Silicone Socks turn your favorite shoe into your favorite elevator shoe. You’ll love the way the world looks with that extra height underneath your feet, and the insole is crafted to help you stay on your feet all day.

When you want to get a bit more height, you don’t need to buy new shoes; you just need This elevator shoes INVEELS. The height increase insole is optimized to offer you comfort all day.


  • Height up to 4cm

  • Silicone enhancers will stick to your skin invisibly inside your shoes, increasing your height with no gapping and slipping.

  • Comfortable: Provides excellent cushioning effect that enhance stability and minimize daily fatigue and discomfort.

  • Breathable, Odor-Free: Medical-grade silicone lets your skin breathes and wicks away sweat quickly to keep your feet odor-free.

  • Fits all sizes and types of shoes

  • Unisex : Perfect for men and women.


  • Height: 3cm or 3,5cm or 4cm

  • Materials: Medical-grade Silicone

  • Simply wash them once a week with soap and water by hand, and let them dry naturally. 


  • 1 pair of Invisible Concealed Footbed Enhancers