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VIBLIND™ : One-Way Vision Perforated Window Film

VIBLIND™ : One-Way Vision Perforated Window Film

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Is your home's Privacy & Security at risk? Get Style and Privacy together with our VIBLIND : One-Way Vision Perforated Window Film!

YOU SEE OUT, NO ONE SEES IN: VIBLIND allow you to see outside, but stops others from seeing in during the day.

One Way Vision Window Films are the perfect way to add one way privacy to your home, office or car's windows. One Way Vision Films are also available with up to 99% UV Blocking and 70% Heat Blocking to protect your valuable belongings.

The viewing side is a dark grey with an antique horizontal pattern which reduces reflection. It allows you to see outside, but stops others from seeing in during the day. However, you can see in at night if you have lights on inside. You would still need window coverings at night as you can always see from the darker to the lighter side of the glass.

Applied to any window, this film creates a one way visible barrier, protecting your privacy while still allowing you to look out. The film is easy to install. Ideally suited for home, office, businesses and car windows.


  • Privacy protection solution with 1-way 100% visibility for you
  • Shield your interior & protect your private life while maintaining clear visibility.
  • Works on any window.
  • YOU SEE OUT, NO ONE SEES IN: VIBLIND provides 1-WAY VISION for daytime privacy, security, energy efficiency and peace of mind.
  • The Safe and Explosion-proof properties make your Windows stronger and prevent burglary.
  • You can cut to your EXACT glass size for a proper fit and for easy installation.
  • It is a simple solution for close neighborshigh traffic areas, front entrances, or any exterior window that you desire.
  • Up to 98% UV Blocking
  • Reflects heat for energy efficiency
  • Simple & fast installation  


  • Make sure that the window is clear and clean
  • Take off the protective film
  • Put the film VIBLIND on your window’s glass


1 x One-Way Vision Perforated Window Film