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CoverCar™ : Full Protection Windshield Cover

CoverCar™ : Full Protection Windshield Cover

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No more windscreen scratching, no more hand freezing!  

This Full Protection Windshield Cover with suction cups is double sided windscreen cover which you can use in the hot bright sunny days as well as in snowy winter days. It will protect your car windshield from the hot sun and the cold snow.

Placing this over your car windshield in the winter will save you from laborious cleaning of snow build-up, just shake it off and the snow will fall off easily. While in the dead of summer it can protect your car windshield as well as your car interior from damaging UV rays. It also protects the wiper fluid from clogging and serves as protection from leaves and debris that can damage your car windshield.

How it makes different in snowing day!
How it makes different in sunny day.       


  • Stop cleaning car windshield in the winter while in the summer you will be able to hold the steering wheel easily without the discomfort of burning. 
  • Resists water absorption to make sure all snow and frost on the outer surface can be removed with ease.
  • Dual layer design, protects your vehicle from UV damage, blocking out nearly 99% of UV rays, helps to turn down the heat in your interior.
  • Your interior will not overheat, even if parking in the open air or parking lot for a long time in summer.
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Easy to store, it can be folded into a smaller size for easy storage. 
  • Save your time and effort for more valuable things. Less difficulty in the daily life gives you pleasant feeling.


  • Fitment: Fits most vehicles with measurement approximately190 x 70 cm .
  • Size:190*70 cm(74.8*27.5 inches)/146*70 cm(57.5*27.5 inches).
  • Material:Aluminium Film .
  • Package Inclusions:1 x Smart Windshield Cover, 2 x Suction Cups .
  • Color:One side silver, one side black.
  • Features:Anti-UV protection.
  • Use:Front and Rear Car Windshield.


  • 1X Full Protection Windshield Cover