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CATCHIT™ : Interactive Cat & Kitten Toy

CATCHIT™ : Interactive Cat & Kitten Toy

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Perfect to help your cat overcome boredom! Let them have more fun!

Playing with your cat is one of the most enjoyable things about owning one, and it’s very important for their health. With this trending CATCHIT, you can now encourage your cat to be active! It has a motorized wand which moves around under a yellow canvas. It tricks your cat into thinking there's a mouse under there, and he won't be able to resist the urge to try and catch it!

Not only does this toy allow your feline to fulfill her natural instincts, but it gives cats of all ages a fun exercise routine.

CATCHIT works on smooth floors, like tile and hardwood, and carpets too! Your kitty will have a blast, and you'll love watching as she tries to outsmart this unpredictable mouse.

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Keep your cat entertained with this clever moving toy.

The moving wand changes directions and gets faster and slower randomly to keep your cat's attention and keep them on their toes. 

This helps to promote hunting and prey behaviour. The unit is powered by 3 C batteries and this console sits in the middle of the toy. It has a simple on/off switch and 4 speed settings .

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  • Switch it on and then the wand whips around under the yellow canva.
  • Your cat will then merrily chase or pounce or try and catch the wand.
  • The wand then swings back and forth, randomly changing direction and speed and imitating a mouse under the yellow cover. 


  • 4 different speeds : Slow, Medium, Fast and Random settings. 
  • Motorized Wand Cat Toy can attract your cat instantly with a press of a button. 
  • Long Lasting Durable polyester cover, works great on all floors. Carpet, wood or tile won’t interfere with kitty’s fun.
  • Both mouse and mat are resistant to pouncing, pawing and scratching. 
  • Simple to use, you just need to install the wand into the motor and cover the base with the included cover. Then press the central button to set the speed: slow, medium, fast or random and keep your cat entertained with this clever moving toy.
  • Requires three 3 (C) batteries (not included).
  • Clean cover with a clean moist towel. Dry thoroughly. Do not immerse in water.


1 x Interactive Cat & Kitten Toy