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EYELIFTER ™ : Invisible Lift Double Eyelid Stickers

EYELIFTER ™ : Invisible Lift Double Eyelid Stickers

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Our eyes can show our age, or suggest an advanced age, many years earlier than we might expect..

Lower lids can become puffy, creating a tired look that is no reflection of how you feel..

The upper eyelids can droop, due to aging or genetics, resulting in limited vision.

The Invisible Eyelid Stickers bring you the SOLUTION!

If you're ready for stunningly beautiful eyes without the high costs that come with surgery, this set of Invisible Eyelid Stickers would be a dream come true! It can restore a youthful appearance, creating the natural, attractive eye contours that you’ve always wanted.

The Invisible Eyelid Sticker is the instant, non surgical eye lift designed to quickly and easily lift sagging and drooping eyelids to a double youthful shape, it’s a thin strip, which you place on your eye to create a crease, to have bigger more open eyes and to achieve a more youthful eye-lifted appearance: lower eyelids will appear smoother with fewer lines. As a result, you will look more rested and refreshed.

The Invisible Eyelid Stickers are made from a safe, comfortable, hypoallergenic, medical grade material. They can be used with or without your favorite cosmetics. The application is fast and easy and the results are truly astonishing! 


“Want an eye lift without the high cost, risk, and recovery time of eyelid surgery? Try the Invisible Eyelid Stickers and get a safe, quick, affordable eye lift, instantly!”



  1. With a tweezer, carefully peel off eyelid strip, then apply it under your natural crease.
  2. Press the tape strip onto your lid. You may use the flat end of the tweezer to get this done.
  3. Make sure it holds properly by firmly but gently pressing your fingers onto the end of the strip. Hold for 10 seconds.



  • Shapes & transforms your eyes
  • Gives you a beautiful natural-looking results that last all day
  • Makes thin eyelids clearly visible
  • Instant effect
  • 100% SAFE. 
  • No surgery needed!
  • Affordable
  • Effective and less noticeable
  • Easy to apply
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Quantity: One pack (300 pairs, 600 pcs)
  • Size: 2.5*0.3cm


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